About Sootopia

In the peaceful summer of 2021, CryptoSoots were born. 1337 procedurally generated fluffy 3D characters came to existence and began their journey of decarbonization.

Soots, who are themselves composed of carbon, are committed to helping us build a net-zero mindset.

The first thing they did was plant NFTrees for their universe and, at the same time, planted about 12 000 real trees on our planet 🌍 Earth.

Later, Soots discovered the galaxy cluster Markarian 1337 in the Virgo constellation, decided to inhabit its polluted planets and plant NFTtrees on them to show us by example how to treat our own beautiful home, the Earth properly.

They called it Sootopia. And are welcoming you into their new worlds!

What is Sootopia

Sootopia is a microverse of 1337 tiny planets, where our precious Soots can have their own homes and go on living their best lives.

Unfortunately, planets are polluted with excessive amounts of CO₂. But the solution is well known: 🌳 trees!

Soots can plant NFTrees on their Sootopia planets and earn CC (Carbon Credits) tokens.

If you own a Soot, you can access its planet and plant some trees to earn CC.

You’ll then use CC to improve planets by building solar panels and wind turbines, turning them into self-sustainable green worlds. That means a lot for Soots!

And there’s also the new secret project in development that will use CC tokens — more info on that soon 😉 It’s advisable to start collecting CC as early as possible.

What To Do

  1. To get a planet, you need to own a CryptoSoot. All Soots are already minted, so the only way to get them is to buy from others.
  2. You need NFTrees for planting. You can mint them at NFTrees.cc or buy already mature trees from others.
  3. Plant trees on Sootopia planet(s) to start earning CC tokens.
  4. Profit!

Sootopia Economics

Each NFTree is backed by several real trees. You’ll be able to plant as many trees on your planet(s) as there are real trees “inside” your NFTrees.

So if you own NFTree that is backed by 10 real trees, you can plant 10 trees of that species on your planet(s).

A fully mature tree (42+ days old) will produce 1 CC token per 24 hours.
A young tree (<42 days old) will produce a fraction of that (depending on age).
Trees minted more than 90 days ago will produce slightly more CC tokens.

Each tree absorbs 0.02 tons of CO₂ per day.

Water level goes down as planet cleanses and more land becomes available for planting.

After trees are planted on the planet for 90 days, they will slowly decrease their ability to capture CO₂ and stop producing CC entirely after 120 days. Such trees can be recycled (more on this later).

Mixing trees species is good for the ecosystem, increasing CC production by 1.5% for each species.

So, if you mix 2 species, you’ll earn 2.06 CC per day (2 + 3%).
If you mix 10 species, you’ll earn 11.5 CC per day (10 + 15%).
If you mix all 30 species, you’ll earn 43.5 CC per day (30 + 45%).

Later, there will be solar panels (SP) and wind turbines (WT) in the microverse. When the planet is 100% clean, you can install SP/WT to increase CC token production rate.

In addition, each Soot has a different set of abilities that affect the planet and CC production:

💪 Physique — how fast Soot can install SP/WT
🤸 Athletics — how many SP/WT it can install at once
🏃 Endurance — how many SP/WT it can install in a row (without rest)
🧠 Intelligence — increases CO₂ absorption rate (up to 20%)
🍀 Luck — affects the water/pollution levels at the start

Important Notes

Planets are bound to Soots. If you sell/transfer your Soot — its planet goes with it.

Tree planting is final: you can’t uproot nor move a planted tree. So plant wisely.

CC rewards are calculated each hour.

If you have any questions, join our Telegram group: @cryptosoots